SUITE 810, 540 - 5TH AVENUE, SW
                              CALGARY, AB  T2P 0M2

                              INFORMATION STATEMENT
                             PURSUANT TO SECTION 14
                     OF THE SUCURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934

                        WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU FOR A PROXY

                                                                 Calgary Alberta
                                                                    May 27, 2004

     This information statement has been mailed on or about May 27, 2004 to the
stockholders of record on May 17, 2004 (the "Record Date") of Carmina
Technologies, Inc., a Utah corporation (the "Company") in connection with
certain actions to be taken by the written consent by the majority stockholders
of the Company, dated as of May 18, 2004.  The actions to be taken pursuant to
the written consent shall be taken on or about May 27, 2004, 20 days after the
mailing of this information statement.


     By order of the Board of Directors,

/s/ Reginald Hall

Reginald Hall
Chairman of the Board

                        STOCKHOLDERS, DATED MAY 18, 2004

To Our Stockholders:

     Notice is hereby GIVEN that the following action will be taken pursuant to
the written consent of a majority of stockholders dated May 18, 2004, in lieu of
a special meeting of the stockholders.  Such action will be taken on or about
May 27, 2004;

1.     The Company's Articles of Incorporation, as restated, will be amended as

(a)     To increase the numbers of authorized shares of no par value stock, (the
"Common Stock), of the company from 40,000,000 to 100,000,000 shares, resulting
in the number of shares of all classes of capital stock which the Company shall
have the authority to issue shall be set at 110,000,000 shares consisting of
10,000,000 shares of no par value preferred stock and 100,000,000 shares of no
par value common stock; and,

(b)     To reverse split the 25,056,000 issued shares of no par value common
stock of the Company on a 1for 200 basis (with a minimum of 2,000 post-split
shares for stockholders currently owning 2,000 or more shares and no split for
stockholders currently owning fewer than 2,000 shares),

2.     To change the name of the Company to Advanced Integrated Management
Services, Inc.


     As of the record Date, the Company's authorized capitalization consisted of
10,000,000 shares of Preferred Stock of which none were issued and 40,000,000
shares of Common Stock, of which 25,056,000 shares were issued and outstanding.
Holders of Common Stock of the Company have no preemptive rights to acquire or
subscribe to any of the additional shares of Common Stock.

     Each share of Common Stock entitles its holder to one vote on each matter
submitted to the stockholders.  However, because stockholders holding 62% of the
voting rights of all outstanding shares of capital stock as of May 18, 2004 have
voted in favor of the foregoing proposals by resolution dated May 18, 2004; and
having sufficient voting power to approve such proposals through their ownership
of capital stock, no other stockholder consents will be solicited in connection
with this Information Statement.

     Pursuant to Rule 14c-2 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as
amended, the proposals will not be adopted until a date at least 20 days after
the date on which this Information statement has been mailed to the
stockholders.  The company anticipates that the actions contemplated herein will
be effected on or about the close of business on May 27, 2004.

     The Company has asked brokers and other custodians, nominees and
fiduciaries to forward this Information Statement to the beneficial owners of
the Common Stock held of record by such persons and will reimburse such persons
for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in forwarding such material.

     This Information Statement will serve as written notice to stockholders
pursuant to Section 16-10a-704 of the Utah Revised Business Corporation Act.


     On May 18, 2004, the majority stockholders of the Company approved an
amendment to the Company's Articles of Incorporation, as restated, to increase
the number of authorized shares of Common Stock from 40,000,000 to 100,000,000.
The Company currently has authorized capital stock of 10,000,000 no par value
shares of preferred stock (none issued) and 40,000,000 no par value shares of
common stock of which 25,056,000 are issued and outstanding as of the Record
Date.  The resulting increase in authorized capital will allow the Company to
proceed with the acquisition of Advanced Integrated Management Services, Inc.
(AIMSI) as proposed by Letter of Intent signed with the owner on April 28, 2004
and will provide the Company greater flexibility with respect to the Company's
capital structure for such purposes as additional equity financing, and stock
based acquisitions.


     The terms of the additional shares of Common Stock will be identical to
those of the currently outstanding shares of Common Stock.  However, because
holders of Common stock have no preemptive rights to purchase or subscribe for
any unissued stock of the Company, the issuance of additional shares of Common
Stock will reduce the current stockholders; percentage ownership interest in the
total outstanding shares of common Stock.  This amendment and the creation of
additional shares of authorized Common Stock will reduce the number of issued
shares from 25,056,000 shares to approximately 260,000 shares.  The relative
rights and limitations of the shares of Common Stock will remain unchanged under
this amendment.

     As of the Record Date, a total of 25,056,000 shares of the Company's
currently authorized 40,000,000 shares of Common stock are issued and
outstanding.  The increase in the number of authorized but unissued shares of
Common Stock would enable the Company, without further stockholder approval, to
issue shares from time to time as may be required for proper business purposes,
such as raising additional capital for ongoing operations, business and asset
acquisitions, stock splits and dividends, present and future employee benefit
programs and other corporate purposes.

     The proposed increase in the authorized number of shares of Common Stock
could have a number of effects on the Company's stockholders depending upon the
exact nature and circumstances of any actual issuances of authorized but
unissued shares.  The increase could have an anti-takeover effect, in that
additional shares could be issued (within the limits imposed by applicable law)
in one or more transactions that could make a change in control or takeover of
the Company more difficult.  For example, additional shares could be issued by
the Company so as to dilute the stock ownership or voting rights of persons
seeking to obtain control of the Company.  Similarly, the issuance of additional
shares to certain persons allied with the Company's management could have the
effect of making it more difficult to remove the Company's current management by
diluting the stock ownership or voting rights of persons seeking to cause such
removal.  The Board of Directors is not aware of any attempt, or contemplated
attempt, to acquire control of the Company, and this proposal is not being
presented with the intent that it be utilized as a type of anti-takeover device.

     Except for the following, there are currently no plans, arrangements,
commitments or understandings for the issuance of the additional shares of
Common Stock which are proposed to be authorized:

     The acquisition of AIMSI will be paid for by the issuance of 8,640,000
restricted common shares of which 4,800,000 will be escrowed and returned to
treasury for cancellation if the market price of the Company's common shares
exceeds $5.00 per Share within one year at closing.

     The agreement with the owner of AIMSI also calls for the issuance of
1,800,000 common shares for conversion of notes totaling $60,000 held by a major
shareholder of the company and two affiliates.  1,200,000 of the notes will be
escrowed and returned to treasury for cancellation if the market price of the
Company's common shares exceeds $5.00 per share within one year of closing.

                              ELECTION OF DIRECTORS

The Board is responsible for supervision of the overall affairs of the Company.
In fiscal 2003, the Board's business was conducted at five meetings of the board
of directors.  The Board now consists of three directors.  The term of each
director continues until the next annual meeting or until successors are
elected.  The directors are:

o     Reginald Hall, Chairman of the Board and Director
o     Roland Edison, Director
o     Joe Armstrong

                             EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION

     Directors are elected at each meeting of stockholders and hold office until
the next annual meeting of stockholders and the election and qualifications of
their successors.  Executive officers are elected by and serve at the discretion
of the board of directors.

Our executive officers and directors are as follow:

Name and Position Held                                                  Age
John M. Alston (3)                                                       76
President and Director of the Company since 1999;  CEO since 2000;
Chairman from 2000 to 2002; prior to Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Rhonda Corporation

Glen R. Alston (3)                                                       47
Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of the Company since 2000;
Director from 2000 to 2002; President, Secretary Treasurer and Chief
Operating Officer of Rhonda Corporation November 1998 to present;
Corporate Secretary of Rhonda Corporation 1995 to 1998

Robert d'Artois                                                          58
Vice-President of the Company since 2000; Director of the Company
since 2000; prior thereto self-employed marketing consultant

Bernard Benning (4)                                                      66
Director of the Company since 2001; VP Corporate Development,
Bow Valley College; Director of Rhonda Corporation

Reginald Hall (4)                                                        45
Founder and President/CEO of Advanced Integrated Management
Services, Inc. since 1999.
Appointed Chairman and  Director of the Company in 2004

Therese Johnson                                                          36
Corporate Secretary of the Company since 2002; prior thereto self-
employed accounting consultant

Thomas W. Whittingham (4)                                                75
Director of the Company since 2001; retired, formerly Vice President,
West Coast Petroleum; Director of Rhonda Corporation

(1)     Except as otherwise indicated, there has been no change in principal
        occupation or employment during the past five years.
(2)     In  no  case  was  voting  or  investment power shared with others.
(3)     Glen  R.  Alston  is  the  son  of  John  M.  Alston.
(4)     Member  of  Audit  Committee,  Compensation  Committee  and  Nominating

President  &  Chief  Executive  Officer:

     John  M.  Alston  resides  in  Calgary,  Alberta,  Canada.  Mr. Alston is a
graduate  of  the University of N.B. with a B.Sc. in Arts.  He is a Professional
Geologist registered with the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists,
and  Geophysicists of Alberta (since 1966).  Since 1971, Mr. Alston has been the
CEO  of Hanson Corporation (formerly Savanna Resources Ltd.) and since 1992, Mr.
Alston  was  instrumental  in  incorporating three junior capital pool companies
which  subsequently  completed  reverse takeovers of two manufacturing companies
and  one  high tech private network service provider, all of which are listed on
the  TSX  Venture  Exchange.  In  1999 Mr. Alston oversaw the creation of Rhonda
Networks Inc. (now Carmina Canada Inc.) as an affiliate of Rhonda Corporation to
engage  in  the development and marketing of a server appliance conceived by Mr.
Stephen  Kohalmi.  Mr.  Alston  is  a  director  of Rhonda Corporation and Hansa
Corporation  public  companies  listed  on  the  TSX  Venture  Exchange.

Chief  Financial  Officer:

     Glen  R. Alston resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Mr. Alston is the son
of  John  M.  Alston.  Upon  graduating  from  the  University of Calgary with a
Bachelor of Commerce degree, Mr. Alston work with a major accounting firm.  From
1991  to  1993  Mr.  Alston  was  Chief  Financial  Officer  for a Calgary based
financial  services  firm  and was instrumental in establishing their securities
office  in  Calgary.  Since  1993, Mr. Alston has been a director and officer of
Rhonda  Corporation, taking over as President and CFO in 1998.  In 1999 with the
incorporation of Rhonda Networks Inc., (now Carmina Canada Inc.) as an affiliate
of  Rhonda  Corporation, Mr. Alston was appointed CFO of Carmina, working on its
business  development  and  financing.


     Robert  d'Artois  resides  in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  In his capacity as
financial  consultant  to Rhonda Corporation and Hansa Corporation, Mr. d'Artois
has  assisted  the companies in raising capital.  Mr. d'Artois is Vice President
of  communications  of Carmina.  Mr. d'Artois' background includes many years as
Owner/President  of  a  Sales  and  Marketing  consultancy  to the broadcast and
publishing  industry  in  Canada  and  the  United States, and attendance at St.
Lawrence  College  in  Quebec  City.

Corporate  Secretary:

     Therese  Johnson, CMA, resides in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.  Ms. Johnson is
a  Certified  Management  Accountant  and  member  of  the Society of Management
Accountants  of  Alberta.  Ms.  Johnson is the accountant for Carmina and Rhonda
Corporation  and  recently  was  appointed  Corporate  Secretary  of  Carmina.


The  following  table  sets forth for the fiscal year indicated the compensation
paid  by our company to our Chief Executive Officer and other executive officers
with  annual  compensation  exceeding  $100,000:

                                   Compensation             Long-Term  compensation
                                   -----------              -----------------------
     Name and              Annual
Principal Position       Fiscal Year  Salary   Bonus   Awards Underlying options/SARs (#)
John M. Alston
President  and             2003         $0      $0                   $0
Chief Executive Officer    2002         $0      $0                   $0
Robert d'Artois            2003         $0      $0                   $104,000
Vice President             2002         $0      $0                   $0


     During  the  fiscal year ended December 31, 2003, based upon an examination
of  the public filings, all of our company's officers and directors timely filed
reports  on  Forms  3,  4,  and  5.

                             DIRECTORS' COMPENSATION

     All  directors  are  reimbursed  for  their reasonable expenses incurred in
attending  meetings  of  the  board  of directors and its committees.  Directors
receive  no  additional  compensation  for  service  as  members of the board of
directors  or  committees.

                        OPTION GRANTS IN LAST FISCAL YEAR

     No  options  were  granted  to  executive  officers  named  in  the Summary
Compensation  Table  during  the  fiscal  year  ended  December  31,  2003.


     The  following  table  summarizes  options  exercises  during  2003.  No
unexercised  options  were  held  by  the  named  executives at fiscal year-end:

                 Shares Acquired on Exercise   Valued Realized
Name                        (#)                       ($)
---------------  ----------------------------  ----------------
John M. Alston             40,000                  58,000  (1)
---------------  ----------------------------  ----------------
Glen R. Alston             40,000                  52,000  (2)
---------------  ----------------------------  ----------------
Robert d'Artois            80,000                 104,000  (2)
---------------  ----------------------------  ----------------

(1)     The  options  were  exercised  on  February  28,  2003.
(2)     The  options  were  exercised  March  3,  2003

                                STOCK OPTION PLAN

     On September 16, 2003, the board of directors adopted the 2003 Stock Option
Compensation  Plan.  The  Company  reserved 4,000,000 shares of common shares of
common  stock  for  issuance  upon grant of stock or exercise of options granted
from  time  to  time  under  the 2003 plan.  The 2003 stock compensation plan is
intended  to  assist  us  in securing and retaining key employees, directors and
consultants  by allowing them to participate in our ownership and growth through
the  grant  of  stock  and  stock  options.

     Under  the  stock  compensation plan, the Company may grant stock and stock
options  only to employees and consultants.  The 2003 stock compensation plan is
administered  directly  by  our  board  of  directors.

     Subject  to  the  provisions of the stock compensation plan, the board will
determine  who  shall  receive  stock  or stock options, the number of shares of
common  stock  that  may be granted or purchased under the options, the time and
manner  of  exercise  of  options  and  exercise  prices.

     By  May 26, 2004 all stock options granted under the 2003 Stock Option plan
will  have  expired  or  been  terminated.

                               SECURITY OWNERSHIP

     The following table sets forth, as of May 16, 2004, the number of and
percent of the Company's common stock beneficially owned by:

o     all directors and nominees, naming them,

o     our executive officers,

o     our directors and executive officers as a group, without naming them, and

     The Company believes that all persons named in the table have sole voting
and investment power with respect to all shares of common stock beneficially
owned by them.

     A person is deemed to be the beneficial owner of securities that can be
acquired by him within 60 days from May 16, 2004 upon the exercise of options,
warrants or convertible securities.  Each beneficial owner's percentage
ownership is determined by assuming that option, warrants or convertible
securities that are held by him, but not those held by any other person, and
which are exercisable within 60 days of May 16, 2004 have been exercised and

                                       Number of Shares    Percentage of Shares
Name and Address of Beneficial Owner  Beneficially Owned  Beneficially Owned (1)
------------------------------------  ------------------  ----------------------

John M. Alston                                         0                       0
23 Cambridge Place NW
Calgary, AB  T2K 1P8

Glen R. Alston                                   385,500                     1.5
604 MacEwan Drive NW
Calgary, AB  T3K 3J9

Richard Day                                      410,000                     1.6
342 E 900 S
Salt Lake City, UT  8411

Robert d'Artois                                  604,800                     2.4
Suite 2201, 400 Eau Claire Avenue
Calgary, AB  T2P 4X2

Bernard Benning                                        0                       0
332, 6th Ave SE
Calgary, AB  T2G 4S6

Thomas W. Whittingham                                  0                       0
164 3335- 42nd St. NW
Calgary, AB  T3A 2Y2

Rhonda Corporation                             9,000,000                    35.9
Suite 810, 540 - 5th Avenue, SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 0M2

Stephen Kohalmi                                4,187,000                    16.7
19 Cavalier Crescent
Thornhill, ON  L4J 1K4

Dorian Trust                                   5,948,000                    21.9
PH #4, 865-  West 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC  V5Z 1R8

All directors and executive officers           1,400,300                     5.6
As a group (7) persons

    (1)     Based on 25,056,000 shares of common stock currently outstanding.


During fiscal year 2003, the Company borrowed $966,883.92 from officers and
stockholders.  Such loans and the terms of such loans are as follows:

      Lender             Amount   Loan Date  Interest Rate   Maturity Date
------------------   -----------  ---------  -------------   -------------
Rhonda Corporation   $398,057.90   01/01/03              5%       12/31/03
Waltraud Alston      $  7,113.30   01/01/03              5%       12/31/03
Rhonda Corporation   $ 43,745.95   01/31/03              5%       01/31/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 17,753.24   02/28/03              5%       02/28/04
Glen Alston          $ 18,711.98   02/28/03              5%       02/28/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 15,261.86   03/31/03              5%       03/31/04
Waltraud Alston      $ 18,983.05   03/31/03              5%       03/31/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 37,292.95   04/30/03              5%       04/30/04
Waltraud Alston      $ 39,837.21   04/30/03              5%       04/30/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 26,477.98   05/31/03              5%       05/31/04
Waltraud Alston      $  5,871.24   05/31/03              5%       05/31/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 80,288.15   06/30/03              5%       06/30/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 32,233.59   07/31/03              5%       07/31/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 60,075.93   08/31/03              5%       08/31/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 60,122.44   09/30/03              5%       09/30/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 29,180.53   10/31/03              5%       10/31/04
Waltraud Alston      $  7,366.78   10/31/03              5%       10/31/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 17,656.02   11/30/03              5%       11/30/04
Waltraud Alston      $  1,117.88   11/30/03              5%       11/30/04
Rhonda Corporation   $ 49,469.36   12/31/03              5%       12/31/04
Waltraud Alston      $    266.58   12/31/03              5%       12/31/04
------------------   -----------  ---------  -------------   -------------
Total Notes Payable  $966,883.92

                             ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

     The Company's annual report on Form 10-KSB for the fiscal year ended
December 31, 2002 and quarterly reports on Form 10-QSB for the quarters March
31, 2003, June 30, 2003 and September 30, 2003, mailed previously to
shareholders, are incorporated by reference into this Information Statement and
are available on the Company's website: and the SEC Edgar
files.  The Company will furnish a copy of these documents or of any exhibit
thereto or other information upon request by a stockholder to the Company at:
810, 540 - 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB  T2P 0M2, (1-800-793-8370).