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Ketogenic Foods For Healthier Living: Guides & Alternative Recipes Released

Ketofriend has launched a new website with resources on maintaining a healthier lifestyle through ketogenic foods.

The new website contains multiple guides that include information on ketogenic alternatives to conventional snacks, foods to avoid, and how to combat the early side effects of drastic dietary changes.

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The launch of Ketofriend's website highlights the growing prevalence of metabolic diseases worldwide. According to the National Diabetes Statistic Report of 2020, it was estimated that 34.2 million people in the United States alone had diabetes. A report by MedicineNet adds that type 2 diabetes in particular is rising at an alarming rate in the US, a fact that is partially attributed to an increasing consumption of processed foods and a lack of daily physical activity.

As consuming high-carbohydrate foods in excess can increase an individual’s risk of developing diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other chronic health conditions, Ketofriend strives to provide readers with up-to-date guides on healthier alternatives, which include ketogenic foods. The website says that these foods, which include fish, eggs, nuts, avocados, and leafy greens, are characterized by lower amounts of simple carbohydrates and higher amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. As such, they will trigger a lower insulin response from the body, thereby stabilizing blood sugar levels and allowing individuals to sustain feelings of satiation for a longer period of time.

Increasing the intake of ketogenic foods will eventually result in an overall reduction in blood glucose, prompting the body to produce ketones for energy and inducing a metabolic state known as ketosis. However, because this state is easily interrupted by the consumption of high-carbohydrate foods, Ketofriend advises readers to avoid grains, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, peas, and corn, soft drinks, and sugary snacks. The website recommends replacing pasta with zucchini or shirataki noodles, introducing nuts and seeds into the diet as snacks, and eating cauliflower rice instead of rice, among other tips.

Ketofriend also cautions that abrupt dietary changes can shock the body, resulting in headaches, fatigue, nausea, and other uncomfortable symptoms. To avoid this condition, their guides suggest that readers gradually reduce their intake of high-carbohydrate foods, stay hydrated, and replenish their electrolytes. Readers can also incorporate moderate exercise into their daily routine, and Ketofriend says that once they have adjusted, they can begin increasing the intensity of their workouts.

Interested parties can read more of Ketofriend’s guides by visiting

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