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Kyrish Truck Centers Spearheads Initiative with TSTC and Navistar to Narrow Diesel Technician Gap in Texas

Kyrish Truck Centers, a renowned entity in commercial truck operations and services based in Texas, is taking a proactive approach toward revolutionizing the future of diesel technology. To this end, the company has forged a strategic collaboration with Texas State Technical College (TSTC) and Navistar, a reputable figure in the vehicle manufacturing industry. The prime objective of this alliance is to bridge the noticeable chasm that currently exists in the diesel equipment technology industry - a widening gap between the ever-increasing demand for and the supply of skilled technicians.

This innovative collaborative venture carries transformative potential. It is designed to lay the foundation for the introduction of a Truck and Bus certification career path inside the diesel program offered by TSTC. This new trajectory in the study of diesel technology is slated to make its debut in Spring 2024. Potential students who have ambitions to refine and enhance their skills in the diesel technology sphere stand to benefit immensely from this educational offering. The new study avenue will be available across five of TSTC's campuses scattered throughout Texas, promising a significant geographical reach and thereby amplifying the scale of impact and scope of penetration of diesel industry education.

One of the key advantages afforded by this partnership to TSTC is the extensive access to the industry's premier tools and equipment. The selected campuses are primed to observe the addition of cutting-edge equipment from Navistar, which includes precise machinery and modern diesel technology. The emphasis is on effectively leveraging the boons of technology to curate a rich, value-added, and industry-relevant learning environment for students. Ana Salcido, Technician Recruitment Manager from Navistar, brought focus to this point during the inaugural training program held in December 2023. Stressing the importance of such initiatives, Salcido stated, “Training programs like the one conducted about EV Safety are of absolute necessity, especially when our industry is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation.”

Beyond merely supplying advanced learning equipment, the partnership pledges a rock-solid commitment to hands-on training, which is crucial for skill development. TSTC campuses have already received a suite of resources that include one International Trucks, A26 diesel engines, and notably, access to advanced diagnostic software. Such authentic industry experiences and practical exposure not only prepare students for the real-time challenges of the diesel technology industry but also instill confidence in their abilities.

Expressing Kyrish Truck Centers' viewpoint on this collaboration, Rob Kumar highlighted the inherent benefits of the initiative. Kumar remarked that the partnership enables TSTC to draw upon the resources of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) outlets, thanks to industry partners like Navistar. This development proves instrumental in making training programs more effective, amplifying the students' learning experience at TSTC, and thereby catalyzing progress in the industry as a whole.

What's more, the alliance also opens doors for Kyrish Truck Centers to actively promote the diesel technology program in high schools spread across Texas, and further provide financial aid to eligible students willing to carve a career in the diesel technology field. As a knock-on effect, Kyrish Truck Centers can tap into a consistently available pool of proficient Kyrish Truck Diesel Technicians, thereby effectively neutralizing any potential skill shortage in the market.

The rewards of this partnership promise to transcend short-term advantages. By fostering a learning journey that culminates in the acquisition of an International Certification, the program aspires to arm students with abundant expertise and knowledge that would power their long-term career growth in the industry. The students also stand to gain a deeper understanding of International products, equipping them with a competitive edge in the job market.

For those keen on knowing more about this partnership, detailed information can be accessed at

Accompanying this, Kyrish Truck Centers provides a gamut of details about their services, inventory, and other crucial information through their official website. The Diesel Equipment Technology program offered by TSTC serves as a golden opportunity for aspiring diesel technicians, preparing them for diverse career avenues in the industry. More about this can be found at

This strategic alliance is a testament to Kyrish Truck Centers' steadfast commitment to the progress of the diesel technology industry. By making a substantial investment in developing the next generation of truck diesel technicians, Kyrish Truck Centers is not merely altering the educational landscape in diesel studies but is also significantly shaping the future of the industry.


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