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Winter Comfort Hacks for Contact Lens Wearers


SPONSORED CONTENT -- (StatePoint) One in five contact lens wearers find lenses to be less comfortable by the end of the day. If that describes you, you may already know that cold air, wind, and indoor heating, especially during winter, can bring additional challenges.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. From your morning coffee to post-work happy hour (or gym session), you can help your lenses go the distance in cool weather with these comfort hacks:

1. Control indoor air: Indoor heating reduces humidity, which can result in a drying effect on the lenses. You can help ease the resulting discomfort by turning down the thermostat a bit and by using a humidifier. These days, there are portable mini humidifier models, so it is easy to run one in most rooms or even to bring one to the workplace.

2. Protect winter eyes: Whether you’re building a snowman with the kids or enjoying a frosty winter walk in the neighborhood, cold air and wind can dry out the surface of your contact lenses. Add a layer of protection from the elements by wearing UV-blocking sunglasses before stepping outdoors.

3. Follow directions: Whether you gave a huge presentation at work or stayed out a bit too late with friends, it’s tempting to fast-track your bedtime routine at the end of a long day, especially as the winter days get shorter and darker. When it comes to contact lens care though, shortcuts like reducing rubbing and rinsing times, or topping off solution mean your lenses aren’t getting proper care. Follow the instructions carefully, no matter how exhausted you are, and always remove your lenses before falling asleep.

4. Clean and moisturize: Contact lens wearers who wear contacts that are replaced weekly, biweekly, or monthly may attribute various challenges to wearing their lenses during the winter season, including dryness and irritation. However, using a contact lens solution that conditions and hydrates lenses can help with all-day comfort. Choose a multi-purpose solution recommended by board-certified optometrists that’s uniquely formulated for dry, uncomfortable contact lenses, such as Biotrue Hydration Plus Multi-Purpose Solution. Offering exceptional cleaning and disinfection, and dissolving protein build-up, it’s formulated with your eyes’ biology in mind to promote all-day hydration. In fact, it keeps more moisture on your contacts (for 12 hours compared to the original Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution, based on a laboratory study) as well as provides up to 20 hours of moisture (based on a laboratory study). For more information and complete use instructions, visit

5. Pack right for holiday and winter travel: Long flights and dry cabin air can leave contact lenses feeling dry. Biotrue Hydration Plus Multi-Purpose Solution also comes in a convenient travel-sized bottle and meets TSA regulations as a medically necessary liquid, so it can be easily tossed into your carry-on to equip your contacts for comfort. And to provide instant moisture and comfort to lenses, try using Biotrue Hydration Boost Contact Lens Drops, a preservative-free hydrating formula enhanced with bio-inspired ingredients.

6. Take inventory of your habits: Are you enjoying increased screen time as you spend more time indoors? Be sure to practice self-care and take regular screen breaks. Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

By employing these lens-related comfort hacks, you can help contacts feel comfortable this winter, and beyond.

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