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5 Tips to Take Holiday Gift Wrapping from Stressful to Stress-Free


SPONSORED CONTENT -- (StatePoint) The holiday season comes with lots of to-dos. From decorating inside and out, to shopping for thoughtful presents and planning the perfect party, there’s a lot to accomplish. Even after those preparations are complete, there’s the task of wrapping the gifts and arranging them neatly under the tree—or shipping them to loved ones who are farther away. If you are gift wrapping this year, follow these tips to add some festive fun to the process.

1. Make a Day Out of It. After you have completed your shopping, designate a day for wrapping. Create a jolly atmosphere by playing holiday tunes, lighting seasonally scented candles, and inviting a loved one or friend to join in on the fun. Engage in some friendly competition to see who can create the prettiest present or wrap the fastest – or relax and wrap over some hot cocoa.

2. Involve the Little Ones. Allow your children or nieces and nephews to be part of the giving process by having them create their own wrapping paper. Use kraft paper as a canvas for them to decorate with colorful crayons, markers, glitter glue and stickers. You also can use the versatile paper to fill the inside of the box to keep items safe and secure. The homemade packaging will make the outside of the present just as thoughtful as the inside.

3. Protect Your Presents. Nothing dampens holiday cheer more than a broken gift. Protect fragile items by using Duck brand Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap. Simply wrap the reusable bubble cushion wrap around your gift and secure it with a piece of tape. Some brands even offer tapes that tear easily and can be dispensed with one hand, such as Duck brand EZ Start Packing Tape, further simplifying the process. If you are planning on shipping multiple presents in one box, fill the box with the cushioning to ensure they stay put.

4. Build Anticipation. When it’s time for one of the “big” gifts to be unwrapped, elevate your loved one’s excitement by adding a suspenseful element. Wrap the item with multiple layers of tape and paper. If the gift is small, consider using multiple boxes to create a nesting doll effect.

5. Personalize It. Add a sentimental touch by designing a personalized gift tag for each box. Write a handwritten heartfelt message or draw hints on leftover kraft paper as to what the gift might be.

By incorporating these tips into your holiday traditions, wrapping gifts can become one of the merriest parts of the most wonderful time of the year.

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