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Protect your Bitcoin Transactions

New York City, Oct 21, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - Bitcoin, being one of the most reliable consensus networks, has invited many users to check its decentralized peer-to-peer payment network option. Users deal with it as cash for the internet and its very first concept cryptocurrency is, therefore, inviting more transactions from worldwide consumers. Keeping these little things in mind, Coinomize has done something fabulous for the users. They have introduced the Bitcoin Mixers tool to trace the activity such as - from where to where the Bitcoin Wallet Money is being carried out. Well, as per the experts, compared to the classic bank account, this means that anyone could find out from whom you receive how much money and what you spend it on again. However, the bitcoin mixer was invented to overcome this weakness in the BTC concept.

Coinomize has pointed out some basic information so that the users can get it in the right direction. The services, those are often known as bitcoin tumbler, bitcoin blender, or bitcoin laundry, mix the bitcoins paid in by several agencies and transfer the BTCs, which have thus been made anonymous, back to wallet addresses specified by the payers. The advisors have explained it like - "Max sends 10 BTC to the Bitcoin mixer, Paul 15 BTC, and Anna 3 Bitcoin. All amounts are now split into small amounts and mixed with each other and with all other users of the Bitcoin mixing service. The origins of Max, Anna and Paul's Bitcoins are thus no longer traceable, and they can easily withdraw their coins to a bank account without anyone being able to trace it back".

According to the study, only approx. 8% of the mixed bitcoins come from illegal sources. Also, the use of a bitcoin tumbler is not illegal and is mainly used to protect your wallet from hackers. Again and again one hears in the media that hackers have stolen millions of dollars, by using a bitcoin mixing service one can often prevent this. Well, you can find numerous bitcoin blender if you search for them on Google. However, there are many sites that simply withhold large amounts and only mix the small ones. Therefore, it is always very difficult to test the service with small amounts because it can look completely different with larger amounts. While analyzing these things, today, the experts have tested and proved that Coinomize.biz is the best bitcoin mixer available in the market.

During the period, this website has received only positive feedbacks. Here, you can choose the fees and the time delay yourself. Coinomize advisors have promised to improve the user-experience soon. The existing customers have agreed that at Coinomize the customer assistance is simply top-notch. Even if any inquiry has been placed, there is a high chance that the customer will get an answer within 1 hour.

To simplify the process, Coinomize has introduced some necessary steps. You simply need a Bitcoin payout address, nothing more. Your data is not stored and you are 100% anonymous. On the mixing page, you can select your settings (send delay + fees) and enter your payout address.

Coinomize offers a so-called Letter of Guarantee. This letter of guarantee guarantees that the deposit address really comes from Coinomize and not from a fake site. To verify the signed message, please visit their FAQ page, where you will find their Bitcoin address used for this. Coinomize has 3 domains ending with .biz, .co and .is and a Tor Onion address.

You can check your transaction at any time after making a deposit by clicking on the "Status" link, even when you close the page. It is very easy with Coinomize to get your privacy back again. However, if you want to learn more about the site, please visit their website: http://coinomize.biz.

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