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Bill Lentis Media, Internet Digital Marketer Boston MA, Is Offering Social Media Marketing Services

Bill Lentis Media, a Boston-based digital marketing agency is offering social media marketing services to potential customers all over the country. The company has multiple blog posts regarding social media marketing that share valuable insights into its strategies.

In one blog post, the company reveals 10 pointers on how to use Instagram for marketing a business. The first one is sharing engaging visual content that will get the user to click. Second, the content should actually provide useful information about the product, a link to the website, or some contact information. The third is using Insta stories to their full potential. The business can post up new offers, instant prizes, or short videos to keep the followers engaged. Fourth, the use of hashtags is important as a study on the use of hashtags showed that a post with a hashtag gets at least 12% engagement compared to those without. Fifth, there should be a clear call to action to sell the product. Sixth, there should be a link to the product’s homepage. Seventh, consistency in posting regularly is important. The eighth is to optimize the Instagram profile and to post an image that best depicts the company and its product. The ninth is to get a business Instagram account. Finally, using Instagram Insights, the business should get and understand the full diagnostics of how the marketing efforts are coming along.

In another blog post from Bill Lentis Media, the company shares its tips on how to get more customers using Facebook. The first step is to optimize the profile page. The company must display its best aspects on the profile and cover pictures to attract more subscribers. Also, on Facebook, it is necessary to keep the page updated with new videos, photos, and links on new offers from the business. This is because the site or page that gives out new information frequently is always at the top of its users’ feeds. The next step is using Facebook Groups to their full potential. The trick is to find groups with a majority of individuals who have ideas and interests that align with what the business is selling. The majority of the group’s members should be treated as potential customers in order to get more clients and subscribers. Regular updates will help increase the business’ relevance with potential clients in the group. Finally, the last trick shared in the blog post is using Facebook ads to target users with the desired demography, hobbies, and interests. The advertisement of a business across the Facebook platform and the option for customers to view their company website directly will lead to a rise in customer interest.

In another blog post, the company shares its tips on lead generation using Facebook. The first one is to understand the product that the business is selling. This involves sitting down and writing the product’s or business’ USPs. The goal is to make it as clear and as different as possible from the others in the market. The next tip is to define the ideal customer. This includes demographics such as age, sex, hobbies, and incomes. After the demographics are fixed, it is time to zero in on the location. It is recommended to start local and expand as the business scales. Finally, with the Facebook page already in place, the business will have access to reports from which they can analyze engagements with its followers and new prospects. These data insights should then translate into strategies that the business can use to improve if the trends are showing no progress on that front.

Bill Lentis Media claims to have provided a 5-star digital marketing service for many big/small-named industries over 20 years such as Terminix, Roto-Rooter, Angie's List, Wayfair, and many others. They claim to be confident in their performance for their customers. They have month-to-month contracts that allow their customers to see an ROI sooner than expected. The latest announcements from the company can be followed on the Bill Lentis Press Releases. The company can be reached at its email address at or its phone number at (617) 855-0747. The company’s main office is located at 33 Broad St #800, Boston, MA, 02109.


For more information about Boston SEO - Bill Lentis Media, contact the company here:

Boston SEO - Bill Lentis Media
Bill Lentis
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