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                                    FORM 10-Q

    ACT OF 1934


                        Commission file number 333-138217

                         SOPAC CELLULAR SOLUTIONS, INC.
             (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

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                           4438 Vesper Avenue, Suite 2
                             Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
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State the number of shares outstanding of each of the issuer's classes of common
equity, as of the latest practicable date: 1,700,000 shares as of November 30,


                          SOPAC CELLULAR SOLUTIONS INC.
                          (A Development Stage Company)
                            Condensed Balance Sheets

                                                                    As of               As of
                                                                  November 30,        August 31,
                                                                     2008               2008
                                                                   --------           --------

  Cash                                                             $ 14,738           $ 16,979
  Deposit                                                                80                 --
                                                                   --------           --------
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                                                 14,818             16,979
                                                                   --------           --------

      TOTAL ASSETS                                                 $ 14,818           $ 16,979
                                                                   ========           ========


  Accounts Payable                                                 $  3,500           $     --
                                                                   --------           --------
TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                                             3,500                 --
                                                                   --------           --------

      TOTAL LIABILITIES                                               3,500                 --
                                                                   --------           --------
  Common stock, ($0.001 par value, 75,000,000 shares
   authorized; 1,700,000 shares issued and outstanding
   as of November 30, 2008 and August 31, 2008                        1,700              1,700
  Additional paid-in capital                                         38,300             38,300
  Deficit accumulated during development stage                      (28,682)           (23,021)
                                                                   --------           --------
TOTAL STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY                                           11,318             16,979
                                                                   --------           --------

      TOTAL LIABILITIES & STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY                     $ 14,818           $ 16,979
                                                                   ========           ========

                        See Notes to Financial Statements


                          SOPAC CELLULAR SOLUTIONS INC.
                          (A Development Stage Company)
                       Condensed Statements of Operations

                                                                                      July 10, 2006
                                            Three Months         Three Months          (inception)
                                               Ended                Ended                through
                                             November 30,         November 30,         November 30,
                                                2008                 2007                 2008
                                             ----------           ----------           ----------
  Revenues                                   $       --           $       --           $       --
                                             ----------           ----------           ----------
TOTAL REVENUES                                       --                   --                   --

PROFESSIONAL FEES                                 4,500                2,000               16,250
GENERAL & ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES                 1,161                  901               12,432
                                             ----------           ----------           ----------
TOTAL GENERAL & ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES           5,661                2,901               28,682
                                             ----------           ----------           ----------

NET INCOME (LOSS)                            $   (5,661)          $   (2,901)          $  (28,682)
                                             ==========           ==========           ==========

BASIC EARNING (LOSS) PER SHARE               $    (0.00)          $    (0.00)
                                             ==========           ==========
 COMMON SHARES OUTSTANDING                    1,700,000            1,700,000
                                             ==========           ==========

                        See Notes to Financial Statements


                          SOPAC CELLULAR SOLUTIONS INC.
                          (A Development Stage Company)
                       Condensed Statements of Cash Flows

                                                                                                      July 10, 2006
                                                                Three Months       Three Months        (inception)
                                                                   Ended              Ended              through
                                                                 November 30,       November 30,       November 30,
                                                                    2008               2007               2008
                                                                  --------           --------           --------
  Net income (loss)                                               $ (5,661)          $ (2,901)          $(28,682)
  Adjustments to reconcile net loss to net cash
   provided by (used in) operating activities:

  Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
    Deposit                                                            (80)                --                (80)
    Due to a Director                                                   --               (100)                --
    Accounts Payable                                                 3,500                 --              3,500
                                                                  --------           --------           --------
          NET CASH PROVIDED BY (USED IN) OPERATING ACTIVITIES       (2,241)            (3,001)           (25,262)


          NET CASH PROVIDED BY (USED IN) INVESTING ACTIVITIES           --                 --                 --

  Issuance of common stock                                              --                 --              1,700
  Additional paid-in capital                                            --                 --             38,300
                                                                  --------           --------           --------
          NET CASH PROVIDED BY (USED IN) FINANCING ACTIVITIES           --                 --             40,000
                                                                  --------           --------           --------

NET INCREASE (DECREASE) IN CASH                                     (2,241)            (3,001)            14,738

CASH AT BEGINNING OF PERIOD                                         16,979             28,750                 --
                                                                  --------           --------           --------

CASH AT END OF YEAR                                               $ 14,738           $ 25,749           $ 14,738
                                                                  ========           ========           ========


Cash paid during year for:
  Interest                                                        $     --           $     --           $     --
                                                                  ========           ========           ========
  Income Taxes                                                    $     --           $     --           $     --
                                                                  ========           ========           ========

                        See Notes to Financial Statements


                          SOPAC CELLULAR SOLUTIONS INC.
                          (A Development Stage Company)
                          Notes to Financial Statements
                                November 30, 2008


The accompanying financial statements have been prepared by SOPAC Solutions Inc.
(the  "Company")  without audit.  In the opinion of management,  all adjustments
(which include only normal  recurring  adjustments)  necessary to present fairly
the financial  position,  results of operations,  and cash flows at November 30,
2008, and for all periods presented herein, have been made.

Certain  information  and footnote  disclosures  normally  included in financial
statements prepared in accordance with accounting  principles generally accepted
in the United States of America have been condensed or omitted.  It is suggested
that  these  condensed  financial  statements  be read in  conjunction  with the
financial statements and notes thereto included in the Company's August 31, 2008
audited  financial  statements.  The results of operations  for the period ended
November 30, 2008 is not necessarily indicative of the operating results for the
full year.


The  Company's  financial  statements  are  prepared  using  generally  accepted
accounting  principles  in the United  States of America  applicable  to a going
concern  which  contemplates  the  realization  of  assets  and  liquidation  of
liabilities  in  the  normal  course  of  business.  The  Company  has  not  yet
established  an ongoing  source of revenues  sufficient  to cover its  operating
costs and allow it to continue as a going concern. The ability of the Company to
continue  as a going  concern is  dependent  on the Company  obtaining  adequate
capital to fund operating losses until it becomes profitable.  If the Company is
unable to obtain adequate capital, it could be forced to cease operations.

In order to continue as a going  concern,  the  Company  will need,  among other
things,  additional  capital  resources.  Management's  plan is to  obtain  such
resources for the Company by obtaining  capital from  management and significant
shareholders  sufficient  to meet its  minimal  operating  expenses  and seeking
equity and/or debt financing.  However  management cannot provide any assurances
that the Company will be successful in accomplishing any of its plans.

The ability of the Company to continue as a going concern is dependent  upon its
ability  to  successfully  accomplish  the  plans  described  in  the  preceding
paragraph and eventually secure other sources of financing and attain profitable
operations. The accompanying financial statements do not include any adjustments
that might be necessary if the Company is unable to continue as a going concern.




Some of the statements contained in this Form 10-Q that are not historical facts
are "forward-looking statements" which can be identified by the use of
terminology such as "estimates," "projects," "plans," "believes," "expects,"
"anticipates," "intends," or the negative or other variations, or by discussions
of strategy that involve risks and uncertainties. We urge you to be cautious of
the forward-looking statements, that such statements, which are contained in
this Form 10-Q, reflect our current beliefs with respect to future events and
involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors affecting our
operations, market growth, services, products and licenses. No assurances can be
given regarding the achievement of future results, as actual results may differ
materially as a result of the risks we face, and actual events may differ from
the assumptions underlying the statements that have been made regarding
anticipated events.

All written forward-looking statements made in connection with this Form 10-Q
that are attributable to us, or persons acting on our behalf, are expressly
qualified in their entirety by these cautionary statements. Given the
uncertainties that surround such statements, you are cautioned not to place
undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.


We are still in our development stage and have generated no revenues to date.

We incurred operating expenses of $5,661 for the three month period ended
November 30, 2008. These expenses consisted of general operating expenses
incurred in connection with the day to day operation of our business and the
preparation and filing of our periodic reports.

Our net loss for the three months ended November 30, 2008 and 2007 was $5,661
and $2,901, respectively, with no revenues for either period. Our net loss from
inception through November 30, 2008 was $28,682.

Cash provided by financing activities from inception through the period ended
November 30, 2008 was $40,000 resulting from the sale of common stock to our
director, Mr. Ezra E. Ezra, who purchased 1,000,000 shares of our Common Stock
at $0.005 per share on July 10, 2006 for proceeds of $5,000 and the sale of
700,000 shares at $0.05 pursuant to our SB-2 Registration Statement filed with
the SEC under file number 333-138217, which became effective on November 17,
2006. On April 10, 2007 the offering was completed for proceeds of $35,000.

Our auditors have expressed their doubt about our ability to continue as a going
concern unless we are able to generate profitable operations.



Our cash balance at November 30, 2008 was $14,738, total assets were $14,818,
and there were $3,500 in outstanding liabilities. We estimate it will cost
$30,000 to fully implement our business plan. Our director has verbally agreed
to loan the company funds to continue operations in a limited scenario until
sales will support operations, but he has no legal obligation to do so. We are a
development stage company and have generated no revenue since inception to
November 30, 2008.


The following criteria for the milestones are based on management's estimates
only. The projected milestones are approximations only and subject to adjustment
based on costs and needs.

The company has not yet been successful in establishing partnerships with
suppliers such as Sprint/Nextel, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. We are no longer
pursuing the joint venture as, to the best of our knowledge, the company was
unsuccessful in securing the financing they were seeking. We are inquiring about
the possibility of establishing a consulting relationship with two key
principals of the company.

We believe that one of these individuals is capable of establishing the
"partnerships" we have been pursuing and, together, can help us with the
technological, marketing and sales aspects of our business. We do not, nor will
we, going forward, possess the financial resources to afford such a
relationship. Instead, we hope we will be successful in attracting them by
offering them equity interest equity in the company as well as a direct
participation of any profits created by their efforts. There is no assurance,
whatsoever, that we will be successful in achieving such an arrangement.

Our two outside salesmen are still dedicated to commencing work once we're set
up to do so. Once we believe operations will support them, we will attempt to
recruit two additional salespeople before we can begin the process of calling on
a select number of software developers that provide wireless solutions to
businesses and, to arrange to have one or two of their sales/training
representatives train our people in the intricacies of each software package,
its benefits to business and in sales presentations. Training on just one
application software, for each industry, will take anywhere from a month to
three months.

After these trainings and the creation of our official website, we will start
the process of prospecting for customers by establishing relations with bankers,
investment banking firms, corporate financiers, law firms, CPA firms and pension
plan managers. We will start by recruiting each of them to become our customers
first, and then prevail upon them to introduce us to the businesses they buy,
sell or service.

If we are unsuccessful in our aforementioned efforts, we will continue to search
for a Marketing and Sales Vice President and an IT/Operations Manager. These
tasks are difficult since we're a start up, don't possess the requisite funds to
afford to pay such talent (other than via a percentage of future revenues, as


will be negotiated, if and when revenues are achieved) and since the
contribution we will expect from these individuals will be substantial. These
individuals will have to:

     1.   Become intimately familiar with the rate plans the service providers
          offer and be able to answer the many questions a customer or provider
          will propose.
     2.   Study every nuance of the various cell phone devices we will sell,
          know how to use them to a) work and b) accommodate software our sales
          agents will be using.
     3.   Receive training on the many types of software solutions and
          application for each and every industry vertical and create the
          framework for training others.
     4.   Develop a dynamic website that will interface with our Master Agent's
          systems and present a valuable shopping and Q &A tool for our
     5.   Prepare an Operational Manual and a Compliance Manual for the company.
     6.   Prepare a list containing the universe of corporate customer
          candidates to target and sell to.

All of the above and more will be required from these individuals for our firm
to be regarded as a competitive entity in the business to business arena and,
gearing them up to be seamlessly functional, will take the better part of six

We will also begin the process of calling each of a very large number of
business software manufacturers that provide wireless solutions to businesses
across the board. We will attempt to arrange to have these software
manufacturers send one or two representatives of their own to provide us with a
series of training and sales meetings, for our own salespeople, once we've been
successful in hiring them. We will also attempt to impose upon these
representatives to aid us when making sales calls to potential large business

We will start the process of prospecting business customers both large and
medium sized. Each business lead we develop will require customized solutions,
it could take between 60 days to as much as two years (depending on the size of
the business concern and its requisite solutions) before a contract can be
entered into, between the customer, our firm, the service provider and the
software solutions developer.


We do not have any off-balance sheet arrangements that have or are reasonably
likely to have a current or future effect on our financial condition, changes in
financial condition, revenues or expenses, results of operations, liquidity,
capital expenditures or capital resources that is material to investors.


Under the supervision and with the participation of our management, including
our principal executive officer and the principal financial officer, we have
conducted an evaluation of the effectiveness of the design and operation of our
disclosure controls and procedures, as defined in Rules 13a-15(e) and 15d-15(e)
under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as of the end of the period


covered by this report. Based on this evaluation, our principal executive
officer and principal financial officer concluded as of the evaluation date that
our disclosure controls and procedures were effective such that the material
information required to be included in our Securities and Exchange Commission
reports is recorded, processed, summarized and reported within the time periods
specified in Securities and Exchange Commission rules and forms relating to our
company, particularly during the period when this report was being prepared.

Additionally, there were no significant changes in our internal controls or in
other factors that could significantly affect these controls subsequent to the
evaluation date. We have not identified any significant deficiencies or material
weaknesses in our internal controls, and therefore there were no corrective
actions taken.

                           PART II. OTHER INFORMATION


The following exhibits are included with this quarterly filing. Those marked
with an asterisk and required to be filed hereunder, are incorporated by
reference and can be found in their entirety in our original Form SB-2
Registration Statement, filed under SEC File Number 333-138217, at the SEC
website at www.sec.gov:

     Exhibit No.                       Description
     -----------                       -----------

        3.1          Articles of Incorporation*
        3.2          Bylaws*
       31.1          Sec. 302 Certification of Principal Executive Officer
       31.2          Sec. 302 Certification of Principal Financial Officer
       32.1          Sec. 906 Certification of Principal Executive Officer
       32.2          Sec. 906 Certification of Principal Financial Officer


In accordance with the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act, the
registrant caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned,
thereunto duly authorized, on January 5, 2009.

Sopac Cellular Solutions, Inc.

    /s/ Ezra E. Ezra
By: Ezra E. Ezra
    (Principal Executive Officer, Principal Financial Officer,
    Principal Accounting Officer & Sole Director)