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Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.

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0000248491_1  R1.0.0.51160   ATARA BIOTHERAPEUTICS, INC.     ATARA BIOTHERAPEUTICS, INC.  3260 BAYSHORE BOULEVARD  BRISBNE, CA 94005   Investor Address Line 1  Investor Address Line 2  Investor Address Line 3  Investor Address Line 4  Investor Address Line 5  John Sample  1234 ANYWHERE STREET  ANY CITY, ON A1A 1A1    June 25, 2015   Annual Meeting  April 27, 2015   June 25, 2015 9:00 AM PDT  701 Gateway Blvd.  Suite 200   S. San Francisco, CA 94080



1. Notice & Proxy Statement 2. Annual Report  Requests, instructions and other inquiries sent to this e-mail address will NOT be forwarded to your investment  advisor. Please make the request as instructed above on or before June 11, 2015 to facilitate timely delivery.   0000248491_2  R1.0.0.51160



The Board of Directors recommends you vote  FOR the following:   1.  Election of Directors  Nominees  01  Eric L. Dobmeier 02 Beth Seidenberg, M.D. 03 Eckard Weber, M.D.   The Board of Directors recommends you vote FOR the following proposal:   2  Ratification of the appointment of Deloitte & Touche, LLP as the Company's independent auditors for the year  ending December 31, 2015.   NOTE: In their discretion, upon such other matters that may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment or  adjournments thereof.   0000248491_3  R1.0.0.51160  



0000248491_4  R1.0.0.51160 NAME THE COMPANY NAME INC. - COMMON 123,456,789,012.12345 THE COMPANY NAME INC. - CLASS A 123,456,789,012.12345 THE COMPANY NAME INC. - CLASS B 123,456,789,012.12345 THE COMPANY NAME INC. - CLASS C 123,456,789,012.12345 THE COMPANY NAME INC. - CLASS D 123,456,789,012.12345 THE COMPANY NAME INC. - CLASS E 123,456,789,012.12345 THE COMPANY NAME INC. - CLASS F 123,456,789,012.12345 THE COMPANY NAME INC. - 401 K 123,456,789,012.12345 THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR SIGNATURES IF APPLICABLE Reserved for Broadridge Internal Control Information Broadridge Internal Use Only Job # Envelope # Sequence # # of # Sequence #