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                              NEXTEL PARTNERS, INC.

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                            Q&A REGARDING PUT PROCESS

Q.     What is your reaction to Nextel Communications Inc.'s ("Nextel") comments
       made July 13th with respect to the Nextel Partners put process?

A.     The following responds to comments made by Nextel on July 13th and
       previously with respect to the put process:


             -    Nextel Partners' Certificate of Incorporation outlines the
                  steps involved and the timing associated with the process if
                  our Class A shareholders elect to exercise the put right

                  -   Once the put is exercised, the maximum amount of time
                      allotted by our Certificate for the determination of Fair
                      Market Value by the three appraisers is 110 days

             -    On June 23, 2005, we filed a preliminary proxy statement with
                  the SEC in anticipation of the closing of Nextel's merger with
                  Sprint and the possible request by our shareholders thereafter
                  to convene a special meeting in order to vote on whether to
                  exercise the put

                  -   A special committee of our Board of Directors has
                      unanimously recommended that our Class A shareholders vote
                      in favor of exercising the put right in the event a
                      special meeting is convened

                  -   We elected to file the proxy statement at that time to try
                      to put ourselves in a position to organize a meeting in a
                      timely fashion in the event we receive a request for such
                      a meeting from at least 20% of our Class A shareholders
                      following the close of the Sprint-Nextel merger

             -    In discussing the possibility of a challenge process following
                  the determination of Fair Market Value by the three
                  appraisers, Nextel omitted the fact that a challenging party
                  would need to successfully demonstrate to a panel of valuation
                  experts that the appraisal price was "grossly incorrect or
                  fraudulently obtained"

                  -   The Challenge Ceiling Price is not relevant if Nextel is
                      the challenger

                  -   The Challenge Floor Price is not relevant if our Class A 
                      shareholders are the challengers


             -    While we are not going to play the game that Nextel has
                  decided to play of trying to predict the outcome of the
                  appraisal process, we believe Nextel's view of the valuation
                  process is simply wrong

             -    We believe the intent of the agreements in place between
                  Nextel Partners and Nextel is based on an arrangement whereby
                  Nextel Partners aligned itself to Nextel strategically,
                  facilitating Nextel's nationwide roll-out, branding strategy,
                  customer relationships and network operations

                  -   In exchange, in the event of a change of control of
                      Nextel, our Class A shareholders were granted a put right,
                      which provides them the opportunity to put their Class A
                      shares at Fair Market Value, as defined in our Certificate
                      of Incorporation

             -    As our preliminary proxy statement indicates, among the 
                  elements of that definition, the determination of Fair Market

                  -   Assumes Nextel Partners is acquired in an arm's length 

                  -   Assumes an auction process designed to attract all 
                      possible participants
                  -   Provides that, in all cases, Fair Market Value will 
                      include a control premium

                  -   Assumes that Nextel Partners is at least as valuable to 
                      other buyers as to Nextel

                  -   Provides that, in all cases, there will be no minority or 
                      illiquidity discount

             -    As described in our preliminary proxy statement, various
                  market data for precedent transactions underscore the value
                  opportunity of an auction model

             -    Nextel Partners' trading activity and history and "most recent
                  unaffected public market stock price" are among the many
                  factors that must be taken into consideration by the

                  -   We believe the notion of Nextel Partners' most recent
                      unaffected public market stock price is not a static
                      concept limited by our share price prior to the
                      announcement of Sprint-Nextel transaction

                       -   We believe our share price performance noted by
                           Nextel takes into account the strong operating
                           performance of our business over time

                           -   Since the announcement of the Sprint-Nextel
                               merger, Nextel Partners has delivered record
                               financial and operating performance in both the
                               4th quarter of 2004 and the 1st quarter of 2005

                  -   We believe that the fact that certain of our trading
                      multiples are higher than those of Nextel as well as many
                      of our competitors takes into account our financial
                      performance, our subscriber metrics, and the fact that our
                      business has been growing faster than most of the other
                      national and rural wireless carriers

                  -   If the put right set forth in our Certificate is
                      exercised, we will present our views of our business, and
                      the factors that must be considered under our Certificate
                      in determining our Fair Market Value, to the appraisers

                  -   As our preliminary proxy statement indicates, the special
                      committee of our Board of Directors believes that the
                      appraisal process, and the definition of Fair Market Value
                      in our Certificate, is likely to yield a purchase price
                      that would represent an attractive value for holders of
                      Class A common stock

                           FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS

                  "Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities
Litigation Reform Act of 1995. A number of the matters and subject areas
discussed in this document that are not historical or current facts deal with
potential future circumstances and developments, including without limitation,
matters related to Nextel Partners' growth strategies and future financial and
operating results. The words "believe," "expect," "intend," "estimate," "assume"
and "anticipate," variations of such words and similar expressions identify
forward-looking statements, but their absence does not mean that a statement is
not forward-


looking. The discussion of such matters and subject areas is qualified by the
inherent risks and uncertainties surrounding future expectations generally, and
also may materially differ from Nextel Partners' actual future experience
involving any one or more of such matters and subject areas. Nextel Partners has
attempted to identify, in context, certain of the factors that it currently
believes may cause actual future experience and results to differ from Nextel
Partners' current expectations regarding the relevant matter or subject area.
Such risks and uncertainties include the economic conditions in our targeted
markets, performance of our technologies, competitive conditions, customer
acceptance of our services, access to sufficient capital to meet operating and
financing needs, uncertainties relating to the Sprint-Nextel Communications
merger and those additional factors that are described from time to time in
Nextel Partners' reports filed with the SEC, including Nextel Partners' annual
report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004, its subsequent
quarterly filing on Form 10-Q, and its preliminary proxy materials filed in
connection with the put process. This document speaks only as of its date, and
Nextel Partners disclaims any duty to update the information herein.


                  In connection with the put right which could arise in
connection with the proposed Sprint Corporation - Nextel Communications, Inc.
merger transaction, Nextel Partners, Inc. has filed and will be filing proxy
statements and other materials with the Securities and Exchange Commission. WE
copy of the proxy statements and other relevant documents when they become
available as well as other materials filed with the SEC concerning Nextel
Partners, Inc. at the SEC's website at HTTP://WWW.SEC.GOV. Free copies of Nextel
Partners, Inc.'s SEC filings are also available on Nextel Partners, Inc.'s
website at HTTP://WWW.NEXTELPARTNERS.COM. These materials and other documents
may also be obtained for free from: Nextel Partners, Inc at Nextel Partners,
Inc., 4500 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033, Attn: Investor Relations.


                  Nextel Partners, Inc. and its officers and directors may be
deemed, under SEC rules, to be participants in the solicitation of proxies from
Nextel Partners, Inc.'s stockholders with respect to the proposed transaction.
Information regarding the officers and directors of Nextel Partners, Inc. is
included in its definitive proxy statement for its 2005 Annual Meeting filed
with the SEC on April 8, 2005. More detailed information regarding the identity
of potential participants, and their direct or indirect interests, by
securities, holdings or otherwise, will be set forth in the proxy statement and
other materials to be filed with the SEC in connection with the proposed