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Author’s Tranquility Press Announces the Release of “Over Stone Waters” by Jimmy Lowe

Author's Tranquility Press Announces the Release of "Over Stone Waters" by Jimmy Lowe
A Captivating Collection of Poetry Weaving Memory, Experience, and Imagination

Author's Tranquility Press proudly announces the release of "Over Stone Waters," a mesmerizing poetry collection by Jimmy Lowe. This evocative book blends learned experiences, memories, and instructional insights into a tapestry of poetic expression. Now available on Amazon, "Over Stone Waters" invites readers to journey through the intricate dance of words and emotions.

In "Over Stone Waters," Jimmy Lowe harnesses the power of poetry to capture fleeting thoughts and profound reflections. His analytical mind transforms everyday experiences and memories into whimsical and accurate imagery, creating verses that resonate deeply with readers. Lowe's poetry is not merely a product of necessity, but a passionate endeavor driven by an innate compulsion to write and share his unique perspective.

"Poetry cast in mind things learned, remembered or instructional experiences. Sometimes poetry is developed by a product of necessity. This is where I am at, 'I have to write,'" Lowe explains. His work draws inspiration from a diverse array of stories and conversations, weaving them into a rich narrative that is both personal and universally relatable.

"Over Stone Waters" showcases Lowe's masterful ability to craft moving verse poetry, where each line is a testament to his analytical prowess and creative muse. His poems invite readers to ponder the significant questions of life: "Where are my words leading people to; and Who do I want following me." Through his poetry, Lowe offers a profound exploration of these themes, always giving glory to God for his talents and insights.

The collection's strength lies in its ability to evoke vivid imagery and emotions, transporting readers to moments anchored in memory and conversation. Each poem in "Over Stone Waters" is a window into Lowe's soul, reflecting his thoughts, experiences, and the whimsical nature of human existence.

"Over Stone Waters" is available for purchase on Amazon, Kobo, Draft2digital, Barnsesndnoble, and other major retailers.

About the Author

Jimmy Lowe is a poet with a passion for transforming life’s experiences into evocative verse. His analytical mind and creative spirit combine to produce poetry that is both insightful and imaginative. Drawing from a wealth of stories and personal reflections, Lowe crafts poems that resonate with authenticity and emotional depth. "Over Stone Waters" is a testament to his dedication to the art of poetry and his unwavering faith in the guiding power of words. Lowe's work is a celebration of life's complexities and the beauty found within everyday moments.

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