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Kimberly J Benoit Coaching Is Helping Others To Overcome Imposter Syndrome To Pursue Their Professional Passions

Kimberly J Benoit Coaching helps clients identify the right professional path for them

NEW ORLEANS, LA / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2022 / Recent reports show that nearly 58% of employees experience imposter syndrome - a psychological occurrence where an individual feels they aren't as capable as others think and fears they'll be exposed as a fraud.

This is where Kimberly J Benoit Coaching comes in. The company aims to provide a compassionate and safe space to tackle toxic leadership tendencies so that individuals can show up as the leader they want to be. It helps them to overcome imposter syndrome, so they can pursue the right professional path for them.

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Some of the ways the company helps clients get to where they want to be include:

1. Create a personal mission statement

Company founder Kimberly J Benoit says: "The journey of entrepreneurship can be long and lonely. There are times when you will find yourself questioning what you are doing and whether this is the right path. One way I have kept myself focused was to create my very own mission statement. Companies have them as a guiding light, sharing to the world why they are here and what value they provide. If they have one, why shouldn't we? Take your time and really write it out. It doesn't have to be fussy or fancy. Just simple words."

2. Have and use a Board of Directors

Kimberly says: "What is a Board of Directors, you ask? It is a group of people that you trust implicitly and seek guidance from. This could include friends and family, but should also include peers, mentors, advisors, and coaches. People who have a genuine interest in your success and will speak truth to you when you are right and, more importantly, when you are off course. The important part is to have a mix of people and to ensure that they aren't all ‘yes' people.

Members of this group may stay consistent while others rotate in and out as your life and goals change. You will want some to have industry knowledge to help guide you along your specific path. This group is there to serve as your critics and advocates. Be open to what they have to tell you. Sometimes they will give you harsh truths that are needed for you to be successful. Despite the sting, you have to know your blind spots to be able to prepare and succeed."

3. You have to believe in yourself. Because if you don't, no one else will

Kimberly says: "I saved the most important for last. You have to believe in yourself. Now for a little reality check, there are days where I don't trust what I am doing or I still get too much into my head. As with anything, it is all a journey. Ride the wave. Read your mission statement. Call someone on your Board of Directors. You must believe the following with every fiber you have:

  • You are good enough today
  • You are worthy now
  • You are here for a reason
  • You have something to offer

Don't let the dark days steal your light. If you need to, take a day off and start fresh tomorrow. Whatever you do, keep going and stay focused. The world needs your gifts."

After a 24-year career, Kimberly chose to pursue an entrepreneurial path that leveraged all of her learnings and strengths. She started in the criminal justice world as an investigator for the state of Louisiana. She felt drawn to serve that challenged population and pursued a counseling degree, before pivoting to more of a project and strategy management professional path.

Kimberly recently shared her personal story of finding career happiness, as well as her tips and advice on how others can do the same, in the bestselling book Entrepreneur Secrets: Coaches, Consultants & Experts Share The Secrets To Their Success. The book featured 11 authors from across the globe, and hit multiple number 1 spots on the Amazon bestseller lists when it was published.

She also has a professional development book coming out in January 2023 called We've All Done It: Getting Real about the Role We Each Play in a Toxic Workplace. This is a self-reflection journey that takes the reader through a compassionate, humble and humorous look at how we may be contributing to toxic or dysfunctional team dynamics.

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