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Xiao-I’s Hua Zang Universal LLM Ecosystem Transforms the Financial Sector with AI-Powered Industry Research Reports

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2023 / Xiao-I Corporation (NASDAQ:AIXI) ("Xiao-I" or the "Company"), a leading cognitive artificial intelligence ("AI") enterprise in China, has entered into a strategic partnership with Shanghai Oriental Securities Innovation Investment Co., Ltd., ("Shanghai Oriental Securities") to launch the "Industry Research Reports + Large Language Models" initiative (this "Partnership"). This transformative collaboration aims to construct a "Smart Brain" for the financial sector by harnessing the power of the Hua Zang Universal Large Language Model ("LLM") Ecosystem.

The primary objective of this Partnership is to empower financial professionals with advanced intelligent tools, enabling them to gain deeper insights into market trends, make well-informed decisions, and create substantial value.

Key highlights of this collaborative effort include:

  1. Automated Industry Research Reports: Formerly reliant on assembling a sizable team of experts across various fields and industries, the development of high-quality "industry research reports" has been revolutionized by the introduction of Xiao-I's Hua Zang Universal LLM. Shanghai Oriental Securities can now generate industry reports automatically which streamlines the process.
  2. Remarkable Efficiency Gains: This Partnership has achieved a remarkable 40-fold increase in efficiency, significantly reducing the time and human resources traditionally associated with producing high-quality research reports.
  3. Enhanced Data Processing: Within the context of "Industry Research Reports," the Hua Zang Universal LLM model has dramatically accelerated data processing, leading to heightened overall efficiency.
  4. Advanced Predictive Abilities: Leveraging deep learning and machine learning technologies, the Hua Zang Universal LLM model possesses an enhanced capacity for precise risk prediction and market trend analysis.
  5. A Technological Revolution: This Partnership highlights the integral role of technology in the ongoing evolution of the financial industry. It signifies the industry's transition from traditional artificial intelligence to large language models, marking a pivotal phase in its transformation.

The Hua Zang LLM Ecosystem is dedicated to delivering advanced technology solutions in the financial industry, effectively assisting financial institutions in navigating the complex landscape of market challenges.

During the Hua Zang LLM Ecosystem launch event on October 26th, Mr. Yuan, CEO of Xiao-I, emphasized the importance of two essential characteristics for successful large language models: (1) the ability to be easily deployed, leading to tangible business outcomes and (2) the capacity to deliver substantial business value while achieving commercialization. He also highlighted that the Hua Zang Universal LLM is on a pioneering path, where large language models are translated into real-world applications, driving commercial success.

Xiao-I's Hua Zang Universal LLM fundamentally distinguishes itself from other LLMs available in the market. The Hua Zang Universal LLM Ecosystem positions itself as the operating system for the AI era, uniquely equipped to address the three central challenges faced by large models worldwide: controllability, customization, and deliverability. What sets Xiao-I's Hua Zang Universal LLM Ecosystem apart is its explicit aim to lead the way in AI commercialization through its model positioning, design objectives, and ecosystem development -making it faster, cheaper, and more effective for the future of AI.

At its core, the Hua Zang Universal LLM Ecosystem is anchored "Commercialization and Achievements Implementations," offering three indispensable service guarantees-incubation, marketing, and investment. The Hua Zang Universal LLM Ecosystem's commitment to continuous capability refinement and steadfast platform support paves the way for diverse businesses, ensuring both stability and a culture of ongoing innovation.

This strategic partnership with Shanghai Oriental Securities serves as a testament to the Hua Zang Universal LLM Ecosystem's versatility, demonstrating its ability to provide innovative solutions to real-world challenges within the financial industry.

About Xiao-I Corporation

Xiao-I is leading the development of the global AI industry with cognitive intelligence as its core. Since its establishment in 2001, the Company has focused on natural language processing-based cognitive intelligence patents and their industrial applications. Upholding a customer-oriented core value, Xiao-I offers a range of solutions and comprehensive services from technology to products for global enterprise customers.
After over 20 years of dedicated efforts, Xiao-I's technologies have been deployed in thousands of application scenarios across various sectors, such as customer service center, intelligent finance, smart enterprises, smart energy and transportation, smart education, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, intelligent parks, and intelligent construction and communication. For more information, please visit:

Forward-Looking Statements

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