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Suffer from motion sickness? How to make travel easier for everybody

(BPT) - Do you love to get out in the world and visit new places, but often find yourself feeling uncomfortable while you're en route to your destinations due to nausea? Unfortunately, many conditions - whether internal or external - can lead to unpleasant feelings of nausea, the most common being motion sickness.

Whether you're flying, driving, on a train, a bus or a cruise ship, any kind of motion can leave you or other members of your family feeling queasy and unhappy. In addition, nausea can also be caused - or made worse - by many kinds of medications you may be taking, or may be due to migraines, morning sickness, hangovers or even stress and anxiety before and during your travels.

But whatever the causes may be, those feelings of nausea can put a real damper on your long-awaited trip, spoiling the journey you were anticipating with such excitement and enthusiasm.

The solution: A non-medication form of nausea relief

Although there are a number of medications available on the market that claim to target nausea, you may find that some of them can also cause other side effects that could make you feel worse.

If you'd prefer to find an effective non-medication solution to help you prevent nausea while you're traveling, you may want to try specially designed wrist bands from Sea-Band Nausea Relief, which stimulate an exact acupressure point on your wrist by a plastic stud attached to the inside of the band.

This specific acupressure point in the wrist is called the P6 (or Nei Guan in Chinese medicine), and it can help relieve your nausea and upset stomach when pressure is applied. All you have to do is adjust the soft and comfortable wrist band to fit snugly on your wrist to help relieve feelings of nausea within minutes.

New product that's suitable for any size wrist

If you worry that these bands won't fit your wrists, or you've already tried them and they felt too snug for optimal comfort, Sea-Band has created a new size to help expand their use for everybody: XL Adult Sea-Bands. This new size is suitable for wrists with a circumference of 8 inches or more. Each pack contains one pair of XL acupressure wrist bands, one to be worn on each wrist, that can also stretch more to provide even more comfort.

You can learn more about them and order a couple of pairs online just in time for your next vacation at

To Antarctica - and beyond

The top travel media brand Travel + Leisure has recently named Sea-Band as the "Best Non-medicated Seasickness Prevention" to stash in your luggage for The Ultimate Antarctica Packing List. So if you're planning a trip to Antarctica - or anywhere else, for that matter - be sure to pack along some Sea-Band wrist bands of whichever size suits you best to help you enjoy every trip you take, nausea-free.

Planning a family or group adventure? You can purchase a couple of bundles that are available from their website only, such as their Family Pack or Large Family Pack, which provides you with both Adult and Kids wrist bands, along with Ginger Capsules and Ginger Gum to further help with relieving symptoms of nausea while you're on the road, at sea or in the air. Bon voyage!

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