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How To Lead An Organization To Success in 2023

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Author and Executive Leadership Coach Drew T. Jackson Answers This Question

By all accounts, 2023 is going to be a bumpy ride. Bloomberg is projecting a 100% chance of a recession in 2023. How does a leader navigate to success in 2023? That is the question that the following paragraphs will answer. Leading through challenging times separates the average leaders from the leaders that become heroes for their followers. Great leaders during down markets provide opportunities for their employees and meet the needs of their customers. In this article, the reader will receive three leadership practices that will lead them to success. While consuming this article, each reader must ask themselves if their team will be led to success in 2023.

Honest and Trustworthy Leadership wins in every market. This seems simple, but it must not be, or everyone would have it figured out. How can one become a more honest leader? One way is to balance truth with grace. What is meant by this statement is that leaders need to share the truth of where an individual is performing in the organization but do it in a way that is caring and instills hope in the employee. It is the author's experience that many leaders either fail to share the truth and only pump sunshine into their followers, or they tell the truth bluntly and harshly with no empathy for the employee.

As a leader, one must know their business in 2023. Leaders must take the time to learn and understand the market conditions in their industry. Leaders must know what the top experts in their field are saying. Leaders must grasp the history of their industry and what organizations have won and lost in prior economic climates. Leaders must reflect on all this information while weighing their experience to create options for moving forward. The best leaders will define 3 or 4 ways that they could lead their team to success based on market conditions.

The most effective leaders will lead with vision in 2023. If we hit a downturn in 2023, organizations must make brutal layoffs, cut budgets, and slim down offerings. People generally do not like change, and while individuals are grateful for a job during challenging times, we do not want their motivation solely to be based on survival instincts. Instead, we want a highly motivated team driven by a vision bigger than themselves. People want a leader that knows where they want to go and has the plan to get there. People will make tremendous sacrifices if they believe it will ultimately lead to a more desirable future.

The best leaders will ask the following questions. How clear is the organization's vision? Does the leadership team have vision clarity for the next 12, 24, or 36 months? Is it clear among the leadership team and the broader staff? The leaders leading their team to success in 2023 and beyond will be honest experts in their field with a clear vision.

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