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Forest Knight NFT Marketplace Beta

Hamburg, Germany, Aug. 27, 2022 (MediaXwire)- Purchasing and selling your NFTs has never been easier, all with this native Forest Knight NFT marketplace! Find out more in this article.

Forest Knight is finally introducing its NFT marketplace. This feature is an opportunity to broaden the $KNIGHT token’s utility and for our knights to enhance their play-to-own journey.

What features will the marketplace beta provide?

Forest Knight NFT Marketplace Trailer, Link, and Online Guide

Watch the online trailer for our NFT marketplace below:

Want to use the marketplace and trade your NFTs? Use the link below:

Learn about the NFT Marketplace and how to use it in our Forest Knight Gitbook Guide:

Enhanced User Experience

Many knights will wonder how using the Forest Knight marketplace is advantageous over using third-party marketplaces. For starters, the Forest Knight NFT Marketplace has an important fee structure that benefits its ecosystem. We believe that Forest Knight can coexist with third-party marketplaces, but ours is an environment tailed towards our community. Lastly, there are benefits to using the marketplace both in-game and for the economy. We’re giving back part of the sales directly to the DAO Treasury and the in-game economy, incentivizing using our marketplace even more.

The current beta version of the marketplace will only be available on our website. We’re releasing this until we finish developing the in-game release, enhancing the UX even more.

Selling and Buying NFTs

It’s never been a better time to own NFTs. Selling and purchasing in the Marketplace are very straightforward. All you need is $MATIC to cover the gas fees. Transfer the NFT to your wallet using a transfer potion, and list it on the online marketplace. The NFT will become available for other knights to see and purchase for themselves.

Buying is as easy as selling. Go to the online marketplace, search for the NFT you’re looking for, and if any offers are available, purchase it.


We’re offering more ways to utilize your spare NFTs. Auctions are another opportunity to earn more. You can list your NFTs with a starting price, and other knights will outbid each other to finalize the sale. The auctions last for a maximum of 24 hrs.

There is one other alternative when it comes to auctions: a “Buy Now” option. Knights can list their auctions with a ceiling price if someone wants to purchase the NFT without bidding.

KNIGHT Profiles and $KNIGHT utility

The profile system launch is nearing! We’re connecting the system with the marketplace to offer more exciting features for our knights. The profiles track in-game achievements, and knights who engage with the market earn benefits in-game, compounding the market’s effect even more.

We are announcing much more about this system in the future. Stay tuned!

NFT Marketplace Royalty Fees

Forest Knight’s NFT Marketplace will offer utility to the $KNIGHT token, allowing knights to purchase, sell, auction, and bind using $KNIGHT. The low fees from the marketplace are always on the seller, not the buyer.

One percent — Back to the Game

Simple as that, no caveats. One percent of the purchases go to the game for our knights to earn. The fee goes directly back to the seasonal ranking rewards for a bigger prize pool. We’re discussing more options on sharing the funds with our knights and giving back more to the game.

Two percent — Platform Fee

Oro takes his small share from every purchase. Two percent from the buyer and the seller keeps our shopkeeper up and running.

Two percent — DAO Treasury

The governance DAO is an integral feature for Forest Knight. Voting is a powerful tool our knights can use to change the game’s course. We want to make this process rewarding, engaging, and fun.

Each bill has a reward allocated to it. The DAO treasury is a coffer filled by the marketplace royalty fee. Two percent will go towards this treasury, giving back to the community in the most empowering way we see fit — voting.

Listing Competition

As part of the marketplace launch, we are giving away three exclusive skins for the raider!

How to be eligible for the prize?

  • 1st Prize — To the knight with the most trading volume.
  • 2nd Prize — To a random knight with at least two unique NFTs listed.
  • 3rd Prize — To a random knight with one NFT traded.

Markets for your NFT

We hope our knights are as excited as we are for the launch. It is one of the most requested features, and after almost a year of due diligence and hard work, we’ve finally launched it. The process took time, effort, and a lot of tinkering to get everything right.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient! The launch of our NFT marketplace would not have been possible without all of you.

Thank you so much for your patience! We’ve discussed some of these details in our last Devs vs. Players event, so if you want to stay ahead on Forest Knight news, follow us on our social media for the latest dates.

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a tactical RPG game where you assemble teams of heroes, equip them with uniquely designed and powerful NFTs to defeat the Skeleton Master, and climb the leaderboards against other knights!

Sometimes knights do know best, and we understand that. We want to make every one of you count. Come and join our game! See what Forest Knight offers in Early Access!

If you haven’t already, you can join our Telegram group, Telegram Announcement Channel, and Discord community. Follow us on social media, TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

See you on the battlefield!

Forest Knight Team.

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