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BioLife Sciences Inc. Announced Today That the Company has Officially Launched into the Consumer and Professional Garden Market Sector with the Introduction of the Copper Fabric Pot, a Revolutionary Fabric Pot Infused with Copper

HENDERSON, NV - (NewMediaWire) - February 16, 2022 - BioLife Sciences (OTC: Markets: BLFE) today announced the launch of their new antimicrobial copper-infused fabric pot. The BioLife Copper Fabric Pot is the first product being added to the Company’s recently announced horticultural and agriculture department, which will feature cutting-edge technology designed to disrupt the gardening industry.

The BioLife Copper Fabric Pot utilizes the Company’s proprietary MFusion Technology to create a revolutionary fabric pot infused with copper. MFusion technology infuses copper metal ions directly into every sub-bundle of fabric. It also leverages the natural antimicrobial benefits of copper ions, which have been shown to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Regular fabric pots provide growing plants with a slew of benefits over standard pots such as plastic pots, ceramic pots and terra cotta clay pots. Among those benefits are increased aeration, air pruning roots for vigorous plant root systems, insulation from the elements and larger yields at harvest time.

The BioLife Copper Fabric Pot takes the proven successful benefits of the fabric pot and combines it with copper’s antimicrobial prevention abilities.

Copper works as both a fungicide, in eliminating or limiting harmful bacteria that can harm plants (such as powdery mildew, gray mold, foliar fungus, downy mildew, black spot, fire blight, anthracnose and Septoria leaf spot), while simultaneously boosting beneficial fungi and yeasts to thrive in the soil.

Copper is also an essential micronutrient for growing plants and the lack of proper copper levels in the soil results in plants being copper-deficient. Common plant fertilizers offer macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These nutrients, while beneficial, tend to increase the pathological symptoms of copper deficiency. Copper plays a key role in the normal growth and proper development of living organisms such as plants. The proteins found in copper regulate the rate of many biochemical reactions in plants, including, but not limited to, promoting seed production and formation, playing an essential role in chlorophyll formation, and assisting plants in the formation of connective tissue.

Copper deficiency in soil is an acute problem in the United States. Many organic soils which are high in organic matter are likely to be deficient in copper. Copper deficiencies can cause serious stunting of growth in plants, in addition to causing plants to show visible symptoms of disease and ultimately a reduction of the annual harvest yields.

“We are very excited to introduce this new copper-infused fabric pot, which is compatible for both home and commercial gardening use,” COO Nika Jaksic said. “Copper’s antimicrobial properties are well-documented; we hope this product will have a disruptive effect on a gardening industry that is extremely receptive to innovative ideas.”

BioLife Sciences has been at the forefront of innovative copper-infused antimicrobial technology. Among its current offerings, BioLife Sciences offers BioLife Antimicrobial Copper Air Filters and BioLife Copper-Infused Face Masks.

The BioLife Antimicrobial Copper Air Filters provide long-lasting antimicrobial technology which is designed to clean and sanitize the air while fighting airborne bacteria and viruses by releasing copper ions into the air. Once released into the air circulation, the copper ions capture and kill bacteria that passes through air vents and releases clean air along with deposits of copper ions. The BioLife Antimicrobial Copper Air Filters help limit the spread of illnesses caused by microorganisms.

The BioLife Copper-Infused Face Mask provides consumers with the long-lasting health benefits of antimicrobial copper. BioLife Sciences offers face masks in cotton and polyester blends in wholesale quantities and are manufactured in North America.

About BioLife Sciences Inc.

BioLife Sciences Inc. specializes in moving innovative products from the lab or small-scale production into wider market adoption. Its core business develops, licenses and distributes antimicrobial products and disruptive technology. One of BioLife Sciences’ core building block strategies is to develop, partner and assist innovative companies with the commercialization of leading-edge technologies.


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