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Dr. James Murtagh Shares Thoughts on the Medical Industry

Los Angeles, California, United States - 01-30-2023 (PR Distribution™) -

Dr. James Murtagh, a seasoned veteran in the medical industry, recently shared some advice for those looking to enter the medical field in 2023. 

With a specific focus on where the future is heading as far as medicine is concerned, he feels there will be new challenges as young workers come into the field.

According to Dr. Murtagh, Telemedicine is one of the most significant advancements in the medical industry in 2023. 

Although it’s been around for a few years, it’s still relatively new, and people are learning to maximize it the best they can. It can 100% be the future of medicine. However, there’s a lot of different learning that goes into trying to maximize value.

Billed as the future of medicine, Dr. Murtagh is very much pro-telemedicine. It has the chance to lower doctors' operational costs and provide unprecedented access to patients.

Over the last few years, people have gotten a sneak peek at what telemedicine can do. Instead of having to go to an office and get care traditionally, people could stay in their homes and still get the care they need. In 2023, this form of communication in medicine is becoming more popular. 

Telemedicine can improve a patient's satisfaction and even provide additional revenue for doctors. Everything sounds great on paper, but telemedicine was a challenge for those entering the industry in 2023.

The biggest hurdle is simply addressing the unknown. Dr. James Murtagh understands that many doctors have done things in a specific way and don’t want to change. It shouldn’t be a problem for people entering the medical industry now, as they will grow up with telemedicine and know how it works immediately.

There will need to be accountability and built-in trust to make telemedicine work between a doctor and a patient.

A decent amount of changes occur during every medical professional’s career. Every doctor like Dr. James Murtagh has to deal with challenges during their career. 

The best providers can thrive by adjusting and learning what works and what doesn’t. Great doctors like Dr. James Murtagh will find a way in the next generation, while others could fall behind.

Overall, Dr. Murtagh is intrigued by the future of medicine. While he might have limited time left working in the industry, he’ll continue to follow along and see where everything goes. As long as medicine progresses toward a more efficient system for all, it’s a positive to explore different opportunities out there. 

Telemedicine is a great start, but there’s still so much more possibility to make it better than it is today. What telemedicine looks like today will be much different compared to 10 years from now.

To learn more about Dr. James Murtagh, his official website is He provides a lot of insight into the medical industry as a whole. He is a practicing doctor in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine and enjoys medical writing and ethics. 

He’s the founder of the medical ethics group called Team Integrity. Dr. Murtagh also had several of his pieces featured in prominent medical media. Helping other doctors learn about the industry allows him to have an indirect impact as a practicing doctor.

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