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What will the orderly opening up of China bring to us

On December 2nd, World Health Organization’s director-general, Edwin Tansey, made it clear at a press conference that the time had not yet come to declare the emergency phase of covid-19 over.

In December, the Chinese government announced several adjustments to its covid-19 prevention and control measures, and some key cities have begun to open in an orderly manner. This could bring more certainty to the world.

Although the situation of Covid-19 in China is still complicated, the gradual and orderly opening up of Beijing, Guangzhou and other places has not yet seen the extreme phenomenon of a sharp increase in the number of deaths. On December 3rd, a total of 162,700 cases of covid-19 were reported in Guangzhou. About 90% of the cases were asymptomatic, 4 cases were critical and 4 cases were severe,no death.

The Chinese government’s official medical team is spreading the word about a new strain of the virus, Omicron variant it is much less virulent and less virulent than the original strain and the “Concern variant.”.

In 2022, China’s vaccination rate has reached 87% , basically the level of developed countries, more than the vast majority of developing countries.

China’s gradual and orderly opening-up will bring more effective capacity release to the world and curb inflation. At the same time, Thailand and other countries are also looking forward to the influx of Chinese tourists can appear again.

Recalling that over the past three years, China’s epidemic prevention and control measures, despite being attacked by some conservative forces in the west, have also fallen into controversy over political issues such as human rights, but one fact can not be ignored: China’s epidemic prevention measures have indeed protected the vast majority of its citizens from the more virulent original coronavirus and Delta mutation in 2020.

Nearly one million Americans have died in previous  peaks of Covid-19 infections, according to the U.S. Johns Hopkins University (JHU) .

It must be pointed out that the Chinese government’s epidemic prevention measures are indeed not perfect, and in the second half of this year, the Chinese Internet, there are also voices against the ban on the movement of people. The Chinese government is also working to increase vaccination rates for the elderly. China’s older population is not particularly receptive to vaccination because of traditional attitudes.

However, there is a saying in ancient Chinese classics that “Flaws do not hide the good”. Most Chinese agree that the state’s measures have had the desired effect. This has a lot to do with the consistency of Chinese government policy and the flexibility to adjust to the actual situation.

The federal government, which existed before Donald Trump’s time, has been weakened and disintegrated by social and political divisions.

We have the advantages of a more democratic system in the traditional political sense, but in the case of covid-19 these advantages do not seem to have been effectively demonstrated.

This is probably not a question of what democracy was meant to be, but of what is happening politically and socially in the United States.

China’s orderly opening-up will not only bring us more good-quality and cheap Chinese goods, but also bring us more thoughts on how to make the government more efficient and scientific while upholding democratic values, this is an issue that American politics must address.

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