Personalized Care from a House Call Doctor Leads to Better Informed and Happier Patients, says Dr. Michael Farzam

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A December 13 article on Today answers many of the questions that patients often ask, including how to lower one's blood pressure, how long the flu lasts, and what causes hiccups. Unfortunately, patients do not always get the answers they hope for from emergency care providers who are often extremely overloaded, and so patients turn to what the article refers to as "Dr. Google." The only problem, doctors generally agree, is that searching the internet for information can be misleading and even risky without a medical professional to guide the search and help explain articles. Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles says that overworked emergency room personnel rarely have the time for in-depth explanations, but a house call doctor is free to fully answer patients' questions while providing first-rate care.

Dr. Farzam says that today's patients have access to an incredible amount of medical knowledge on the internet but untrained patients can easily misunderstand articles they find at various sources and not all of those articles are necessarily that accurate to begin with. The doctor explains that any medical doctor can help patients with the answers they seek but even non-emergency doctors may be limited to only a very few minutes to spend with their patients because several more are already in the waiting room. The board-certified internist says that on the other hand, house call doctors' only focus is the patient right in front of them. Dr. Farzam adds that personalized care can go a long way in helping patients better understand their symptoms and conditions, all the while leading to superior outcomes and, in some cases, a healthier overall lifestyle.

The doctor notes that some patients may be concerned that a house call doctor may not have the same equipment and resources that a fully equipped hospital setting might have. Dr. Farzam says that, thanks to modern-day communications and imaging technology, house call doctors on call have as much access to the large majority of tests as office-bound physicians. The doctor adds that many of the advances that made medicine so successful in the 20th century have become portable in the 21st century.

Moreover, Dr. Farzam says that in addition to personalized care, a house call doctor offers a very obvious but also a very important bonus in terms of convenience. This includes being able to practice also as a mobile pharmacy of sorts, both writing and filling prescriptions for many common maladies. Especially considering that lowering stress is usually good for patients, Dr. Farzam concludes that patients receive typically care the very best care possible from a house call doctor.

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SOURCE Dr. Michael Farzam

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